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Drummond Money-Coutts

DMC has travelled the world to meet with witchdoctors and spiritual gurus from all possible cultures and continents. His skill-set today draws on their techniques and fuses methods and procedures taken from thousands of years of human deception, from every corner of the globe.

Alongside his studying of the art, Money-Coutts also worked to develop himself as a professional magician – taking years to hone his abilities and establish himself today as magician of choice to some of the world’s most elite and exclusive parties.

To date, private clients have included royal families across three continents, Hollywood stars, sports icons, the world’s very finest hotels, presidents, and a range of millionaires and billionaires worldwide. Drummond has also made numerous short films detailing his adventures around the world and was the subject of a National Geographic TV special titled Card Shark.

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Phillip Paul Smith

Magic thinker and designer Phillip Smith has spent his life developing a unique synergy between the complex technical skills and psychology of graphic design with the hidden world of magic. Known for his underground effects and methodologies and his unique approach to deception in performance, Phill has earned the title of “magic’s secret weapon”.

Phill’s various books and publications have received wide acclaim, and his design work has been put to use promoting the performances of numerous professionals.

In addition to his work designing and developing magic effects for other performers, Phill has consulted on TV magic shows in the UK, Belgium and Ukraine.

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Photography by Chris Fifield-Smith Design by Sushi Design

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